Is anybody studying for PRM 3rd exam or recently passed it?




I passed level 3 last Feb and completing the PRM designation.

…should read and ‘completed the PRM designation’. Let me know if you have any questions.

oh great…finally What did you think of exam I am reading right now Handbook and also subscribed to coach. But i am puzled by prm coach. It doesn’t cover a lot of material that is in the Handbook and also covers some that is not in the handbook Also, in the handbook they point to excel workbooks. Where do you find those?

Ecoach - I didn’t use for exam III. I didn’t like them. The spreadsheets should be hyper linked in the pdf files of the handbook. Know the mail concepts that are repeated throughout the book. You will be fine.

so you bought the digital copy of the handbook? Are the questions in the exam similar to the quant examples they cover in the handbook? What questions did you use for practice? Thanks for your help!