Prob. Distribution Que

An analyst collects figures for the attendance at each of his college’s hockey games over the last 5 years. What is the minimum percentage of the distribution that lies within plus or minus 2.4 standard deviations from the mean (select the closest answer) Excerpts from cumulative z-table —z----------0.00 --2.3---------0.9893 --2.4---------0.9918 --2.5---------0.9938 A) 58.33% B) 82.60% C) 98.36% D) 99.18%

B use of chebyshev’s theorem 1 - 1/2.4^2 = 82.6%

These questions make me chuckle. So someone goes to all the work of collecting data and then they ask you to make inferences about the DATA?

Mr Chebyshev it is… Ans = ± [1 - 1/SQUARE(2.4)] = ± 82.63889 = B - Dinesh S