problem 6 in mock up AM

ok, this ethic problem is killing me…in the description, it states: He accepts the consulting work which requires approximately three hours of late-night work on mondays and wednesdays. Since Jun only needs 4-6 hr of sleep and does not feel like this work will interfere with his responsibilities. Jun sends an email to his supervisor informing him of the consulting offer, its requirements, duration, compensation, and skills he expects to develop from the work the question is: when accepting the part-time consulting position, does Jun most likely violate any CFA institute standards? answer is: A, No, he does not need consent B , yes because he does not provide adequate disclosure C, Yes because the work requirements interfere with his duties The correct answer is B… I am scratching my head, isn’t C the correct answer? I mean, what else does he need to disclose?

he sent the email after accepting the offer. you must disclose prior to accepting the offer.

oh,that’s right… come on Jun, he should’ve known better than that…killed many of my brain cells… ethics are killing me, it seems like i need to read multiple times before working on the problems, anyone here the same?

He also needs permission from his employer.

yeah i think they really focus in on he didnt get written permission… they say this is part of “disclosure”