Problem accessing mocks and practice tests on CFAI website

Anyone else having problems accessing the mock exams and online practice tests? Was kicked out 3 hours ago and now always get an error (already contacted CFAI but no response yet). Nice to have this in the “hot” preparation stage…

Am I the only one (which could be a problem with my PC then) or is this a general problem?

short update: On my smartphone I have access to the tests and mocks. So it seems to be a problem with my PC

It is currently a general IT problem as the CFA Institute has indicated via Twitter a couple of minutes ago. They also informed that they have put the 2015 Mock Exams as PDF download in the candidate resources section of your account.

Look here:



Ah, thanks for the information, should really consider to set up an Twitter account :smiley:

But nevertheless, terrible timing for such a thing :wink: Hope it will work tomorrow. Meanwhile I will repeat some concepts