Problem in learning ecosystem? Wrong deadline

Hello guys. I’ve read this forum quite a few times and it has helped me a lot with some doubts regarding the topics. Long story short, I want to solve a functional doubt regarding my learning ecosystem and I just can’t get a response from CFA Institute, even though my problem is quite simple, I imagine. I sent them an e-mail about 2/3 weeks ago and still haven’t gotten a response, and I already tried calling them 3 times, stayed 30+ minutes in line waiting for an operator and gave up (I’m from Brazil and international calls are pretty expensive).

Let’s get to my issue: I am currently enrolled to take the CFA II exam on May 26th. I finished reading everything about 2 weeks ago and started with the practice questions. However, I noticed something weird in the homepage of the learning ecosystem. On the upper left side, they shows us how many days we have left to study, based on a deadline (it should be my test date, May 26th). However, my deadline is set on May 17th (so, I would have 10 days left to study) and I cannot choose any date after May 17th as my deadline. This is not critical to my study plans, however I’m just afraid that the learning ecosystem “locks out” after May 17th and I can no longe access it after that date.

Did anyone have that problem or know something about it?

Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes. Below is the picture of the problem I’m facing.


Thank you in advance!

Hi Tomas! I have the same issue, don’t know how to solve.

Elena, I’m sorry to hear that! CFA finally responded to my e-mail today, however they just directed me to generical FAQ regarding exam rescheduling…
Well, I believe that we are not the only ones facing this issue and I hope they fix it soon. I think it’s a minor issue, but it keeps us worried anyway.

Wondering whether you were able to use it after may 17th. I have the same issue. The deadline is 23rd Aug, but the exam date is Sep 1st.

Hello friend. Yes, fortunatelly I was able to use it after that date. After that date the calendar kept showing me I had 0 days left for the test, but that was the only issue, the rest of the learning ecosystem kept working normally. No need to be worried.