Problem with downloadable/local version of SchweserPro Qbank

Given May 2008 problems with online ScweserPro Qbank for CFA1 (which was overwelmed by the number of candidates) and opportunity to study without internet connection which provides much of distruction to my learning process, I purchased SchweserPro Q-bank on disk to study on local. On Friday I decided to practice with SchweserPro Q-bank for CFA2 and created first exam. I noticed that on local version some pictures of big calculations of formulas, for example, some times for binomial option trees are not properly showed. Instead of pictures I see ‘X’ on the local version of SchweserPro Q-bank. I also entered into online version of SchweserPro O-bank and did not find similar problems for the same questions (found by question#). From my previous experience such problems with not showing pictures are often when you serfing through web pages. I attempted some easy steps: check in IE settings that pictures are shown, unblock windows and etc. Given that in CFA2 we have vignettes even one such problem affects all six questions in vignette. I noticed that in derivatives sections out of ten vignettes two was affected by the problem. (for example questions #89410 or 88749 (in answers)). I sent printscreens to Schweser but they did not answered smth workable. If You are also affected by this problem or plan using of local version, please give me some advice. PS. I have Windows Vista, IE 7, Kaspersky Antivirus 2009.

I also have a downloadable Q-Bank and just searched Q#89410 and saw and X instead of the image. This is trully a problem to be able to work through problems. I hope they resolve the issue.

I use the CD version, it’s the same thing. Please update us once you got feedback from Schweser.

Same problem here. Do you (Blackdog or Yees) run Vista 64? I’m thinking this problem may just apply to 64 bit operating systems.

I just looked at the question and I don’t see anything wrong with it? I am not in the test setup though

Being, Do you use Vista 64?

nope, I am using XP pro and IE don’t know the version though

Glad you’re not having this problem, but further supports my theory that this is a 64 bit problem with the SchwesrPro Question bank

No. I’m on Vista 32

Tx, I guess it’s not that then. Has anyone had this problem and fixed it?

I had complained about this to Schweser and they had indicated a software fix / update would be available to those who have installed the complete version – on their machines shortly.

i’m planning on getting Q-bank. now am i missing something? why wouldn’t i get the online version for less money then the CD version?

I just received e-mail from Schweser technical support coordinator that the problem is resolved. “…Just use the update link in the upper left corner…” even if it says that there are no updates. New pictures in more appropriate formats will be downloaded. By the way I have Vista 32.