Problems at the end of the chapters

There has been lots of debate on the usefulness and the cost/benefit of using the core CFA study guides. That aside, do people go through the end of the chapter problems? Do you only target those problems that have been on previous CFA exams? It is likely that most are using a study course and each come with their own problem banks, so I am curious as how people are approaching the end of chapter problems…

For L1 and L2 I just used CFA material. For L1 I did all the problems when I was done with the reading then again when I was reviewing. For L2 I will just do the problems once or twice during my review. If you are just using CFA I would think it highly recommmended to do every problem. If you don’t cheat on them, I found them to be very representational of the actual exam.

ok. For L1 i used the core curriculum but i didn’t do the problems in their books, i only did the problems for stalla. this time im also using the core curriculum but have seriously considered using the problems at the end of the chapters for those topics that the instructors are saying have historically been tested heavily on the exams. just curious to know what others were doing.

you’re taking stalla? curious as to which chapters your instructors are saying have historically been tested heavily on the exams. any info appreciated. i personally am using schweser as my main study guide, for better or worse, we’ll see. i do all of the end of chapter questions and challenge questions right after i read the chapter to reinforce the topic. i will use q-bank extensively over the next few months to review areas where i need practice. as for end of chapter cfa questions, i did them when i first started for quant. of course they’re a good idea to do. but they’re extremely time consuming, especially some of the more open ended questions that aren’t multiple choice. i’d love to say that i’m going to do them all, but honestly, i doubt it. any advice as to areas where you instructors feel are a “must know” section, pls advise and i’ll make sure to do the end of chapter CFA questions for them. thanks!

i was originally referring to the end of chapter cfa questions. i am a stalla user, and have always done the problems at the end of their chapters and their question bank. in terms of “heavily tested” areas, they have specifically made note of Pension Accounting, International consolidation (when should the temporal vs. the all-current method be used and the impact on the ratios… i.e. temporal method skews ratios when converted to reporting currency versus all-current method ratios)

Personally I am completing all of the CFA questions - although I am not using Stalla//Schweser so they are my only practice questions. Like bannisja I don’t spend much time on the open-end questions, just a couple of bullet points. My theory is that the CFA set the exam questions - they have the best idea as to what will be in the exam and I agree with mto1985 - they seem to reflect the exam questions well. Worked for L1.