Problm with test center for exam booking

Hi there could you please help i cant find any exam test center for dec 2012 in mauritius…

What should i do?


There is no test center in Mauritius I believe. You might have to go to the closest city that offers the exam. Maybe you can take it in South-Africa, which is relatively close to Mauritius. They offer it in Cape Town and Johannesburg

:o :frowning: then better i wait for next year… N b more prepared :slight_smile: to take it in canada :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I found out that in my city is a test center but they won’t organize the exam this year so…i am going to paris:D:) i’ve never been there so i can’t wait to visit it and i hope it will help me relax one or two days before the exam

how do you find the exact location of the exam in your CFA account?

Paris is pretty by night…smells of pee pee though

i think we’ll find the exact location only on the admission ticket

you’ll know that later…

Yeah its on the exam ticket which is made available in your CFA account a month before the test.