Procedure for withdrawal?

Hello guys

Due some reasons, one being not studying enough. I am not confident at all for even appearing in my Dec-18 lvl 1 exam.

I found out there is a provision for “Withdrawal” which, even though, don’t give refund but allow us to register again for next exam and removes our name from list for this exam.

In that, i found that CFA institute has provided a form which is to be sent at least 3 days before 5th November

My only doubt is how to fill and send that form?

Do i have to print it, then fill-in the details, then scan it? or do i have to fill it electronically (without printing and scanning)?

Also, i should sent this form through my registered email-id right?

Please guide me if i am missing some details or am i completely off.

Thank you for reading my request

Maybe emailing the CFAI directly with this question will be more helpful?

Thank you for your reply

Y ou need to fill the form and scan and email it to I found sth like on the CFAI page: quote( ‘’") Candidates currently registered for the 2018 December Level I exam may withdraw their registration. Return the completedform via email to on or before 5 November 2018 The final deadline to submit a2018 December Withdrawal Form is 5 November 2018 11:59pm ET . CFA Institute will notprocess forms received after the deadline.Please allow up to 3 business days for processing. You will receive email notification once processing is complete, andthen you can register for your next exam by paying the exam registration fee. For complete information, please review the Level I Withdrawal Option .