Procedure to get the charter - work experience

Hi all, i am submitting my request to become member of UK CFA society. After having selected the society, sponsors, PCS etc I included my work experience. The box remained unchecked for 1 day and this morning I read: 69 Months Submitted, 0 Months Accepted Is this OK? All my work experience should be relevant to the CFA requirements (fixed income sales). thanks

I have the same thing and I also believe my experience is relevant (buy side research). It said somewhere it takes several weeks (or was it months?) to get work experience approved, so I don’t think ours was rejected (not yet at least ;)).

It takes a while. I think a couple of months for mine.

As I recall, once you submit your experience, those months show up as being submitted but not accepted. It will stay like that until they have reviewed and accepted it. Right now, it will realistically take 6-8 weeks to get approved, maybe longer. I would probably check it once a week for the next 2 months. If it still shows 0 months being accepted in 8 weeks, call them and ask if the experience was denied or if it hasn’t been approved yet.