Process to become charterholder

I’ve submitted my application line (i.e. references etc.). Have just had an email to say I have been approved for regular membership. Does this mean when (/if) I pass level three I will automatically become a charterholder, or does it take longer than that/do I have to do anything else (I know I have to pay dues as well).


Have you paid fee and filled professional conduct statement?

im taking it you can only pay your fees and fill out your professional conduct statement after you get approved?

Yep, but he will not receive his charter until membership fees are paid.

Ofcourse, CFAI gotta get paid ofcourse haha

No free lunch neither at CFAI.

I’ve paid my fees, submitted my references and compliance with the professional conduct statement etc. I’m just confused as to whether I’ve been accepted to become a charterholder (if I pass level 3) given I was accepted as a ‘regular member’, and this occurred within a day?


you might need to ask CFAI b/c I have no idea on how the process works that’s for sure. Still haven’t passed L3 yet so you’re above me on this.

are you expecting them to send you balloons and flowers in the mail?

If you’ve passed all three levels, paid the dues and been “accepted as a regular member” then you should just go ahead and use the designation

Assuming you passed, simply check to see when “CFA” appears after your name. Then it’s official.


man that must be a good feeling, i’ve practiced writing CFA after my name…who hasn’t hahaha