productive commute

What do you do on your commute that is more productive than zoning out/candy crush et al/music?

Mine is an hour long (walk+public transport) and while I like my zen moments, I feel like I should be doing something more productive.

I get mildly carsick so I just can’t read for very long, so unfortunately can’t study at least can’t read+study (plus it’s hard to read giant textbook standing. smaller paperbacks are easier but again mild nausea… it’s the exhaust I’m ok on trains)

If you don’t have to pay attention to the road, what do/would you do on your way to work?



9 minute commute and I’m driving. I’m a man of many skills.

Audiobooks in my nice warm private car.

My commute is 1:15 each way (bus subway walking) and my most productive activity is napping. Cant study on the bus becuase I take notes and trying to manuever the text and notebook while jammed in next to someone (did I mention In 6’5"?) just aint happening. So sleeping is a way to stay refreshed and hit the books when I get home after I put my kid to sleep. Its a very important part of my daily routine.

I have to travel a fair bit for work so I suppose that’s kind of a commute, but 2.5 hours a day everyday? I hope you’re making bank. I wouldn’t do that for, well, anything.

^I like my job but I hate where it is. I’d commute an hour if it means I can live somewhere with fun, night life, good restaurants, friends, etc.

Re: audiobooks- do you guys ‘read’ fiction or non? Essays? History? It seems hard to pay attention unless they are light novels (ie I ‘read’ pride, prejudice and zombies on audio book. its great btw though a little gross)

Pretty normal for people traveling into NYC. I really like the job, on a great path and paid well. Before this I had a 10 minute car ride to the next town but it was a Financial Advisor gig which wore on me for reasons documented on other threads.

My hours arent bad either Im on the bus which picks me up near my house at 7:00 and Im home by 6:45 everyday.

1:15 is like the low end for people who work in Manhattan but live in a suburb.

I did 3 hours a day for 8 months (ct to NYC) when i was first hired and before i moved to the city. MetroNorth is great to read bc its quite and stable, i went through countless books during that period. When i move to the city i was unable to really concentrate enough to study but i did read a bit. The hard party with city commuting is you are constantly moving (i.e transferring from the train to another to walking) so audio books are your best bet.

Wfh now so i have you all beat (unless im traveling which is usually 3+ hours on a train or plane so i get to read). so, moral of the story, the most productive commute is none at all

When I had a long commute I used to listen to a fun morning radio show on the way to work and Dave Ramsey on the way home. It was an interesting combo and made the commute bearable. Now I have a 10 minute commute and it is wonderful.

Same here. I listed to ESPN radio. In the morning it’s Mike and Mike, but in the afternoon it’s unfortunately Don Lebatard and Stugatz (or something like that. Worse than Stephen A and Skip).

Yeah, most people who work in Manhattan and live outside the city would love 1:15 door-to-door.

My commute is about 20 minutes and includes dropping the little ones at daycare, so 1/2 of it is listening to kids’ songs and the other 1/2 is listening to sports talk radio.

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How do you fap to that?

I was doing 1:30-1:45 each way, but now I get in earlier and leave later. It’s 50mins door to door with no traffic. (NJ to NYC). I leave at 5:30am and am home typically by 8:30-9:00pm. I drive, so it’s basically 50 minutes of bloomberg radio.

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Still doing these exams so I study. 28min train ride to midtown. I was in the gym yesterday and overhead a guy at the locker next to me say he is up at 4 to get to Stamford for 6…he must take really long showers. Maybe he is reading this, lol.

Mostly fiction, but some non-fiction. Try the Mountain Man books if you like zombies.