professional certificate in portfolio management useful?

if i complete 6 courses (each course is about 7-14 hours fo classes, some of the courses i can just take online too) at the New York Institute of Finance, then i will receive a professional certificate in portfolio management. how useful do you think this will be? i know its nothing like the cfa, but it costs less, requires less studying, and im thinking it might complement an mba, or even maybe help me with mba applications? or is it just useless? what do you guys think

enrollment alone in the CFA would probably say more on your resume.

thanks, the thing is i just started a new job 3 months ago and still have a lot to learn. so at least for my first year, i just want to focus on my job and not have to deal with that huge time commitment for a cfa exam. whereas i could just attend 1 or 2 day courses at this institute, not have as much of a time committment and learn a lot.

How about a professional certificate in portfolio management as a complement to passing the Level II exam? How useful would that be? I know at the very least it will help me prepare for the Level III exam.