Professional Conduct Investigation

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I received a letter from PCP saying that I was suspected of cheating. In the letter, they said that i shifted eyes and turn head slightly, lean over slightly to peek at the other candidate’s paper. The other candidate was 5 ft away from me and on the other aisle. They also said that i peeked 4 times (1 to 2 seconds each time) and I did not write anything after peeking. (Why would I have not written anything down if I had had peeked at the answers?)

This is outrageous. I have vision problem and been wearing glasses since i was third grade. When i get nervous, my pupils are shifted unconsciously. Beside, in the report, it also said 1-2 seconds for each time. The answer sheet is too small and too far. Even if I had had intention to cheat, it would have been humanly impossible for me to do such thing with a pair of glasses on my face. They also said it’s possible it’s sign of nervous tic. It clearly is. Everybody who wears glasses have same nervous tic like that. I really dont know what to do now. This is insane . Can someone help me out please?

I’d say you’re shit out of luck. You can try to fight it but it will most likely not change anything. I’d say that in the best case scenario, they’ll let you retake the exam this june.

They said I shifted my eyes 3 times. 1-2 second each time. So petty and nonsense. I wouldn’t have had enough time to look at the answer sheet.

Luckily level 1 will soon be given once a week. So who cares

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Were you nervous about cheating?

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just bring your phone in next time to look at the answers…much closer than the other candidate

You’re cooked. Most likely lifetime ban,