Professional Conduct Program

After I registered for L3 last week, I received an email from Professional Conduct Program at CFA Institute. Basically they denied my application to become a canadidate for 2009 because on the Professional Conduct Inquiry I had “yes” for question #1 (you know you are supposed to have 8 "no"s for all the inquiries). I am not really sure how it happened, but it was definitely a mistake. I wrote them back and appealed for their decision of denial…hopefully they will correct it for me. Does anyone have the similar thing happened before? I do not want to be screwed just by this dumb mistake…

Please refresh my memory… what was the question that you answered ‘yes’ to?

i cant imagine them upholding their denial if you simply checked the wrong box. although i would call them and try to talk with someone. if they offer some type of appeals process, this should be an easy one for them to fix

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter what the question was since you answered ‘yes’ by mistake. The way I think of it is this: if you answered ‘yes’ then you either weren’t paying attention to the question or you did something wrong in the past that prohibits you from candidacy in the program. Since you meant to answer ‘no’, then the second option is ruled out, which means that you weren’t paying attention to the question. Now riddle me this: would you say that paying attention to detail is an important quality for an analyst to have? I hope you’re able to reverse their decision to deny your candidacy, but if they don’t, I wouldn’t blame them. Paying attention to detail is part of what makes an analyst, and after answering the same questions correctly at least twice (for levels 1 & 2 registration), one would think that you’d have gotten the hang of it by now.