Professional Exam Review / Comments

Hi all. Would any one have reviews / experience with Professional Exam Review ( for Level 1 Examination? I have Schweser L1 Premium products, but not having a background in financial education, am very much concerned about the amount of educating I need to undergo. Pro Exam Review’s products appear RELATIVELY cheap. Any views? Thanks@

I haven’t. I can recommend another relatively cheap review course: Adar Review. The good thing is that you can try it out for free (one full study session, practice questions and an exam). After trying it out, you can make your decision about whether it would be helpful. Also, you should read the CFA primer materials in teh site that gives you a good explanation of what the test is like and how to prepare for it.

I have been using the professional exam review materials for a while now while preparing for Dec L1. I went with them because it seemed like a relatively good value when compared with the others --also I learned that they are a spin off of Thomson Learning, which produced most of the Finance texts that I used in undergrad and grad school. They use most of the same profs (ones that are CFA charterholders) to write the review materials. I am very happy with the materials so far, especially the price.