Professional Leave

How does it work? Have you tried it.

I am currently a full-time member. However, I am finding myself in a trap of paying these fees for years now while I am still a candidate.

I rushed into the membership some time ago out of my own insecurity. Having gained that FO work experience has been like a miracle I thought I would never achieve. At, naturally, as that FO job has come under pressure from corporate downsizing, I panicked. I am very happy I have become the member of CFAI yet I have been paying throughout all times in my life, whether I have a job or not, whether I am in a term or permanent position, and - honestly - now, being in a difficult job situation again, I keep wondering if it is not wiser to downsize a little.

Problem is: if I had to collect my referees again, it would be challenging as these are too senior both in age and positions, some moved countries and - while I could compensate the older coworkers with newer colleagues - the situation is pretty much the same. Furthermore, as I have not been negotiating professional references for the CFAI with my employers as back in the earlier days, I can not guarantee the cooperation.

Any thoughts?

How long ago? I’m under the impression you do not have to reapply for membership. You just need to pay dues to remain in good standing. I’m a member too since last October because I wanted to make sure my work counted before even attempting the CFA since I have no intention of changing careers. The biggest questions you should ask yourself are:

  1. How much longer is it going to take you to complete the program?

  2. Are you getting any value out of membership while you complete the program?

  3. What is the risk of not renewing membership until you complete the program?

a. Could they possibly change the standards to be a member? (Yes. I voted on a measure like that this spring)

b. Do you need to go through the whole reference process again? (I don’t think so, but maybe yes?)

  1. Can you afford to maintain membership?

You should contact your local Society to see whet they have to say. They may help you out.

Actually, it has worked out fine.


Problem is: could I still register for an exam while on professional leave? I guess we will see.