Professional magazine you read

Which professional magazines (non-academic) do you read and how would you rate their quality? I settled for Risk and Barrons, both of which I think are ok.

I subscribed to Forbes and BusinessWeek, never really had the time to read them. The articles appeared to be of average quality. I’m letting those run off in order to purchase something more market oriented. Institutional Investor seems like a viable option, anyone have any feedback on it?

Barron’s and The Economist Barron’s for stock ideas obvoulsy. The Economist for thoughts on the general economy and the world. I like BusinessWeek as well … to wipe my ass with. Forget going to Costco to buy kirkland toliet paper. BusinesWeek is MUCH better.

Institutional Investor is pretty good. I prefer Bloomberg Markets though.


and VII

yes to VII

I subscribed to Risk (part of FRM), II (free from work), Economist (80$ a year?), and SFO (free).


Journal of Alternative Investments. All the CFA magazines included in membership. Bloomberg magazine.


Barrons, Bloomberg Markets (love this one), and The Economist. I had free subscriptions to Fortune, Forbes, and BusinessWeek but rarely opened them unless I knew there was going to be a decent article in them. Ali, how are you liking VII? I haven’t subscribed yet but am still contemplating it.

Barron’s, BusinessWeek, and most importantly The Economist. Due to outside activities (bschool apps, GMAT, CFA), dont get to read them as much as I like. However, I think if I had one to choose, The Economist takes the cake. VII = Value Investor ???

Any cheap way of subscribing to Risk? It’s the type of mag I’m very, very interested in but can’t justify the expense as it doesn’t directly relate to my field.

Women over 50

I put my Economist sub on hold until after the june 5th edition.

I acutally didn’t like the Economist as much. The articles are great and its very well written, but it seemed that after reading each edition I was feeling to total weight of the world on my shoulders. Each edition was loaded with starvation, disease, war, political blasphemy and a sense that nothing was ever going to change. my pics: WSJ (FT weekender) Barron’s CFA mags Curves

FT weekend is awesome. Travel, design, and arts section is the best I’ve seen in a newspaper. I always find it interesting. Good level of writing. “Ask the Economist” constantly amuses me.

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