Profile evaluation for investment banking

Hi I’m planning to attend one of the target schools in UK and I have no prior experience of working in finance sector. I got the necessary technical and valuation skills but again zero experience. Is it possible to get an analyst job in IBD as an international student ? Also, is it compuisory to undertake summer analyst internship before getting an analyst job (bc I heard its compulsory for employees with no experience in this sector) ? If yes then how will I complete my summer analyst internship if my Visa only allows me 20 hours work time per week in UK ? is there any other way of breaking into IBD other than summer internships? And what about after completing Masters, How can I get an analyst job ? I just need to be really sure there’s a way to get into it or IlI just choose Ms accounting and finance course other than Ms Finance. Because l’m a qualified ACCA as well. Also I’m in early 20s (if age is a factor here)
Please help.