Programming Languages

Hey guys, I’m looking for a job and its probably going to be a few more weeks at best, and I am looking to learn some computer programming with applicability in ER, PM, or in the finance field in the meantime. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the more useful languages? I was thinking beginning from simple VBA and maybe trying to learn one or two with some proficiency (not to be an expert, just to give the impression that I can learn new things, and perhaps to be actually useful).

VBA is a fine place to start even if it’s a crappy language. Unless you’re going to be an IT guy it probably doesn’t make much sense to learn some language like C++, C#, or Delphi.

You’ll be more valuable if you know how to model without thinking about it. No matter how good your VBA skills, if you can’t model properly, nobody will care.

if it’s quant (even low level quant) C++ At the lower end of quant jobs, excel and maybe c++ plugins for excel What languages to learn depends on what you want to do