Progress Check

Just finishing up CFAI book 4 here. I am on track to have the others completed by Nov. 1, leaving roughly 5 weeks for review. Current Hours Logged: 146.5 give or take 5hrs Pages Read: 1967 Review Lenght: 83 pages (size 10 font, outline format). Will be about 100 upon completion.

I’m in the middle of book 5. I’m a little concerned because I thought I would be further along…but I think I’ll get there. The month of November is going to blow.

I just finished Book 4 too. I’m going back to Quant to review for a couple days, since I studied that a really long time ago. I’m actually kinda worried… I don’t know if I’ll be able to remember all the material for one exam! When I see diff topics/questions on the board, I remember reading it, but I don’t totally remember the concept & don’t think I could answer the questions!! AND I haven’t studied that many hours so far… I don’t even know if I’ll reach 250 hrs by Dec. It’s suppose to be 250 hours of STUDYING time, right? So that doesn’t include practice tests?

Done book1, book3 on book2 now!

Mid-Way book 4, although the pressure of completing in time is making me lean more towards the notes, really a pitty because i wanted understand the work and right now it feels like i’m stuffing my head with information and formulas. I really hope i have enough time left, perhpas its time to put in 6 hours a day.

just started book 5. this my second reading of the schweser notes. would like to do a practice test in mid october to see what i retained!

i am so worried about taking the practice exam. i just hope it doesnt kill my confidence. thats why im doing a complete reading (all the CFAI material) and then reviewing my personal outline before taking the practice exam. November is going to be ROUGH!!!