Progress - opinons?


Would just appreciate some opinion as to my progression with respect to studying for the CFA level I exam.

I am yet to start Derivatives, Alternative Investments and Ethics (trying to follow Kaplan’s suggested order).

Everything else has been okay currently - nothing is literally impossible to get my head around it is just sheer volume that may be the problem.

I sometimes worry that if I was to take an exam NOW on just the topics I have studied (76% of the syllabus) I don’t know if I would get over 70% average - does anyone else feel this way?

Also, with respect to studying now what would anybody suggest in terms of just using the Q Bank as I go or creating flash cards etc?

Thanks all!

I would not be stressed at this point. You seem to be making good progress as you have covered the larger sections. I still have to cover corporate finance, equity and port management. A lot of learning and improving I find comes when you start taking mock exams.

Keep up the good work!!

I would recommend creating flash cards. I did this while covering FRA, it seems to help me a ton. I cover a certain amount each day I study with the goal of going over everything twice. Big help in my opinion.

This is a great idea and I already have done so for the FRA and QM formulae. Is there anything you could recommend creating them for on the topic of FRA for example different revenue recognition methods, IFRS v US GAAP differences etc?

Covering differences between IFRS vs GAAP is very important.

Revenue Recognition

Inventory methods

Reporting processes etc…

any difference between the two is worth knowing in my opinion.

Well it’s a good thing you still have more than 2 months to prepare/study/practice before Exam Day.



You have 2.5 months left brah. You’re way overthinking this. Keep going and worry about >70% in mid-late May.