Progress so Far #2-Question

For those of you who have finished several topics(Quant, FSA, Equity,PM, etc.) are you primarily using CFAI text or Schweser/Stalla? It is taking me forever to get through FSA in the CFAI texts and I feel like I am getting behind alot of you. FYI- I just started studying last week, passed LI in December. Sorry if this has been discussed before, Im sure it has. Thanks guys!! (and gals)

FSA in the CFA texts is the smallest book…!! Just wait until you get to Equity…

I am primarily on Schweser but I tend to pick up the CFAI books and read from those when things get confusing.

FSA is the smallest book dude, same size if not smaller like the Lev 1 Schweser FSA

use whatever makes you learn AND retain the material better. The response here is mixed … some use Shweser/Stalla, others use CFAI texts, while others use a mix of both. The ultimate objective is to pass this come June 7th …

CFAI texts teach the material better, but I would NEVER be able to retain (or get through) the info by using them exclusively. They are simply too overwhelming. I use Schweser for everything.

I have been using both. And FWIW, don’t worry about “getting behind”. Everyone is on a different schedule, and everyone learns differently.

I have been using both too, I read CFAI then the Stalla. It takes longer, but I feel like the CFAI books explain it better so I understand it instead of just memorizing it. I don’t care if I am behind other people…it’s not a race, it’s just who passes.