Progress to date


How far into the curriculum are you guys? finished and revising? still a few chapters to go?

I seem to be getting slower as DDay draws closer. An Al Pacino “inch by inch” type pep talk would be appreciated!

Two chapters left in Book 4 schweser, and Four chapters left in Book 5. Then its practice question time.

Kind of freaking out! surprise

Finished my first run through all of the CFAI EOC’s and done all but SS13 in the Schweser materials, which I will be finishing today. Done over 30% of the Qbank, the 2011 exam and been through the Secrect Sauce a couple of times.

Not happy about my progress, as I am still missing some of the easier questions on Qbank, but looking to tighten things up. Just need to make sure I am nailing all of the easy material. I have also found that some of the Schweser Qbank questions are straight up wrong (ex. calling hedge funds liquid investments), but trying to just put myself in their mindset and ignore what I know professionally and from other exams.

Going to take my first full mock this weekend. Signed up for the BSAS mock on May 19 and just trying to build to that point. I want to walk into the mock confident that I can put up a good score and then just fine tune from there.

to make you feel better, i have only done 3 readings in total, started few days ago, and today i was drilling holes in the wall so i can put a shelf for cfa books

i drilled into a water pipe and turned my house into a water park, the person with keys to the control room in my building did not show up for hours.

long story short, the clean up and damage control proccess will take all weekm, f*** CFA, HOLA

tough break broke.

I finished the Schweser curriculum and all EOC sunday. this week I am reviewing topics i skipped, mostly formulas, swap material, GIPS, and attrubution. I hope i am done this sunday and then will start with schweser exam book 1 and probably 3 old CFA exams and the 2012 CFA mock.

good luck to all

what is EOC?! end of chapter q’s?

End of Chapter questions

Finished the CFAI readings and went through the EOC and blue boxes. Reviewing notes and doing all the questions I can get my hands on.

You’ve made my day! Bummer about the pipes. Hope your luck picks up! :slight_smile:


where did you get the 3 old CFA exams? online?


CFAI website under Sample Questions

I will reserve some time(one day or two) to solve Schweser blue-box examples.