Project Manager/Business Analyst - Regulatory Reform

Congrats all for passing Level III…I recently passed, and would like to get an opinion on work experience and how to phrase my resume to meet the applicable criteria.

I have been working the last four years as a management consultant, assisting top investment banks meet regulatory reformation mandates such as OTC Transaction Reporting, Volcker, and Uncleared Margin Requirements. My tole has mainly been as a Project Manager/Business Analyst.

Does anyone have a similar background or advice towards how to phrase my experience? Thank you!

Firstly congrats on passing!

Looking at your role it sounds quite heavily focused on post trading on the sell side. That doesn’t scream out someone who works in the Investment Process area.

Having said that, there is a lot of focus on how this post-trading information can be exploited to make investment decision. For example, post trading information is used to help valuation of illiquid OTC market instruments which can be seen as a tool in the investment decision making process.

Also, funds can have restricted trading by their clients whereby they are only allowed to trade OTC cleared. Now that’s more of a Investment Decision constraint, but if you work in this area, definitely worth adding.