Project Manager career path?

Got offered a 1 yr assignment by a inestment manager to do a project manager position for their portfolio/risk mgmt groups helping to choose/integrate applications and produce reports. Chance of it becoming perm but if not, what is the career path with that background? I have some buyside analyst options but for much less money. However I rather take a long term view.

Any project mgr on this board?

I am working as a project manager. Even though you will be working in investment management domain, you will still be doing operational work. 1) Facilitate meeting with business side(Trader, PMs and other subject matter experts from Legal, Reporting, Trading systems) and Technology side. 2) You will be documenting business requirement into several documents (Business requirement documents, project charter, system designs etc) 3) I don’t see any career path in this line and hence I am taking CFA. You will be doing more or less same stuff all your lives. If the company has in-house PMO office, you may become director of PMO and may lead 3-4 project managers. Overall not related to CFA and operational stuff.

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