Pronunciation: Thach

Someone help me pronounce this name of asian descent?

I’d probably go with Taulk like chaulk. Vietnamese probably?

Sorry, t-awww-k. Just realized its a dialect thing for me not to pronounce the L in chaulk.

Does the OP mean an Asian (Vietnamese) dessert?

Really don’t know how to help you. In English there is no similar rhymth for the “TH” part but I think you may pronounce it like “T” in “time” and the rest like “atch” in “hatch”.

When “Thach” goes with the word “Ngoc” (in Vietnamese), it means “Jade” and the combination is also a very beautiful name for girls. And I have a Vietnamese friend with that name in Saigon :).

By the way, why do you put the question in Career forum ?

Google: Thach (pronounced “Tatch”)

Probably put it here because he has an interview with someone with that name.

Maybe it’s time to hop into your local vietnamese restaurant and ask while giving a nice tip.

My guess is “Thak”

Thached Hut

He must frequent AF…He cancelled the interview.


Sorry for double post…but an interesting note:

During the first e-mail string, there was no “pronunciation assistance” in the signature.

Today (a day after I posted this question) in our second (and final) exchange, the signature had “Tak” in it.

That’s the power of AF, huh?

^ The true reach of AF. That said none of us had it right. Though perhaps I was closest.

Was just gonna say what a nerp you were for posting here… sorry it didn’t work out man.

The f? Dude must have been googling himself.

You sure that’s not you, Ohai? :slight_smile: