Proof of passing for employers

Congrats to everyone who passed and better luck next time to those who gave it a great stab!

What are you using as proof of passing for your employers, those of you who are being reimbursed?

I saw that you can get a formal letter from CFA a year after the results are invalidated. But right now, all I have is the email.

Is there something more formal available on the CFAI website for download such as a pdf?

I’ve always just used the pass email from CFAI. You could also screen-shot your pass on your CFAI page. I think they get posted a day after the emails go out.

They will send you a certificate framed in your choice of gold or platinum, and signed by the President of CFA Institute. (It gets even better if you pass Level II or III.)

In all seriousness, show them a copy of your “CONGRATS!” e-mail *and* proof that you’ve registered for Level II. Yahtzee!

all you get is the congrats email. and all employers will accept it as proof.

there was this 1 dude who faked a pass email, then was discovered. he was later fired. I believe you can find the story on CFAI’s website under violations