Proof of Work Experience?

Does anyone know how the proof of the work experience occurs? I am thinking of moving jobs, if so do I need a signature off of my current manager within the company, or do HR approve this. I am a bit confused. Thanks

Is there any proof of work experience required by candidate side? As I know you have to put contact details of 3 referees (just 2 in case of CFA charter holders), then CFAI send them an e-mail query and asks confirmation.

This is exactly how it works; but you need 2 if one is a member of the society you are joining, not just a charter holder. CFAI also prefers supervisors over colleagues and you will have to indicate this relationship when applying.

When you apply for membership to the CFAI, they will ask for three references ( 2 if one is a charterholder). These references will need to email back to them an attestation that supports your required 48 months of work history and how you were directly involved or added value to the investment decision making process.

There is no requirement that these refernces needed to have worked with you this entire 48 month period, but they do need to know enough of your history that they are willing to stand behind it as a true statement.

Hi all

as part of my work experience - i am having to submit 3 employers since my 48 months ( in fact more than 70 months) were earned at 3 firms.

Does that mean that i have to include 3 referees, each from one employer, or i can simply include 3 referees (2 from my current employer and 1 from my ex employer?)

Thanks in advance for the help!


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I am wondering the same thing, hope someone will answer you

Can’t candidates get their experience approved before passing all three levels? I was planning to get this experience process started soon so that once I pass my L3, I will automatically be awarded the Charter. Is this not possible?

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