Proof that CFA is worth it (at least for me)

Long story short and I’ll try to tell it without tooting my own horn too much:

3 months ago I applied for a position in an asset management firm and was hired few weeks later. After getting to know my co-workers and the people present at the interviews, I was basically told that I was hired because:

  1. I did well in the “personality type” questions (whatever that means)

  2. I did really well in the finance related questions/My candidacy in the CFA program.

This doesn’t really surprise me since there would have been no way in hell I could have answered correctly to the interview questions without having studied for past 2-3 years for CFA. Now after working there for 3 months, I have experienced first hand that CFA curriculum really does give you a pretty solid base to build on. Even though I have less industry experience than most of my co-workers, there has been times where I have demonstrated a higher level of understanding on certain topics and this has been recognized by my superiors.

I have tried to think this over and over and the only thing I can attribute this success to is the decision to start studying for CFA in the spring of 2016. Without it, I would have never been hired. And even if I would have been miraculously hired, I would have never survived more than few weeks as my finance knowledge would not have been sufficient.

I often hear discussions on whether CFA is worth the effort and does it really help. In my case, it has been, figuratively speaking, a life savior. So, I’d like to know, am I an outlier or has other had similar experience?

ps. apologizes for sounding like a douche

You’ve taken the knowledge and concepts from the CFA program to improve your abilities and practice as an investment professional!!! :+1:

What’s douchey is your “no coffee, no tea” approach to life. What kinda monster are you??? :-1: :broken_heart:

nice job man

Nice. Very motivating. Thanks for the story. I’m self employed but I like to hear that the stuff we’re studying is relevant and can be readily applied to our work. I also like to hear that it gives you an edge on experienced analysts.

Congrats on your recent new jobs…it is great to hear CFA works to your advantage. Good points you brought up during the interview process, more broadly, how many of your actually encountered technical questions during job interview. I never have.

This is a great post man good stuff