Prop' trading results

I’m highly skeptical about trading, short-term trading, unless you discover a kind of market inefficiency that keeps working (0,00001% of people in this business can do that, as you can see the vast majority of hedge funds that underperform the broad market year in, year out) what do traders in a prop trading firm or banks to make money? What are their results? Do they day-trade? And the costs?

I’ve seen a YouTube video about a guy who was a trader for Goldman and now teaches trading, I’m skeptical about that ability too. (Look if any Chef would teach his secret sauce? Different markets but the same reasoning here)

It’s also a mental game. Even if the students know the strategy, will they execute it correctly?

Take a look into high-frequency trading. It’s the shortest-term trading there is. And those prop shops make millions. Read Flash Boys.

You are right to be skeptical. If this guy’s method actually works consistently, he would trade the market himself rather than teach other people.