Proper Mindset & Motivation

Hi all,

I’d like to get some opinions on the type of mindset needed to be successful in the program. Also, what do you feel are the best, longest-lasting motivators that get you through all three exams?

I don’t know. Just study, I guess. How is this different from any other exam?

the best motivator is to study and pass each level the first time, because having to fail, and repeat another year is just horrible.

I found a combination of fear of failure and focusing on the end prize to be pretty motivating.

The sunday after the first saturday of June combined with a sense of accomplishment and incredible fear of failing is a great motivator after starting the studies.

Three of the four replies above here put fear of failure down as key. I agree with that. Once you start doing this thing and realise the sacrifices you have to make, failing would just not be a very nice experience. Ultimately it depends on what motivates you more though - greed or fear. I am in the latter category.

winning mentality. everyone likes a winner.

when you become a Charterholder… you become a real man.

Your dick will get an inch longer with each level that you pass.

failing basically takes a year off your life. its like smoking but not as cool.

I always tell myself that failing is not an option, rather study harder than wait another year for second attempt

I studied over 500 hours for each level. I’d rather overstudy than fail.

Simple. I’m extremely dissatisfied with my current job so that alone gives me the motivation to put in TWICE the effort towards the CFA program compared to the effort at the job.

Pre-CFA, I looked forward to the weekends as a respite from work. Post-CFA, I look to the working week as respite from weekend exam cramming.

^^^ +1

Or “It’ll get one inch shorter with each fail”. You know fear is the greatest motivator.