Properties of a benchmark

I was told we should remember them… An easier way to do it…


S - Specified in advance

A - Accountable M - Measurable U - Unambiguos R - Reflective of current investment opinions A - Accountable or Owned I - Investable Just thought of sharing in case anyof you cant remember it… Cheers!

I am not sure I picked it up from some videos. So no its not my own idea, unfortunately dont remember the source. So credit to that unknown/forgotten source!

And remember the six components as “NRA is a Bitch In the A$$” - I am serious.

  1. Net Contributions 2. Risk-Free Asset 3. Asset Categories 4. Benchmarks 5. Investment Managers 6. Allocation Effects.

I was remembering this as ARABIaN :slight_smile: Your shortcut is far better :stuck_out_tongue:

good one 1recho. i had NRA Bastards In Action!!! lol