Proportionate Consolidation - Minority Interest

Is there ever minority interest for proportionate consolidation? I feel like I remember reading that there is at some juncture…

No, for JV’s under IFRS you are reporting 50% of everything (logically, there’s no minority in the relationship).

Even you don’t have 50% stake, it doesn’t make any sense to add minority interest. Proportionate implies that you are trying to add only proportionate share of the companies. Let’s take an example company A whose stake is defined as 5 (picking random number, random units of measurement) and this company has 40% in B whose stake is again 5. There are two ways to consolidate the balance sheet. Either you do 5(Company A’s stake) + 5 (Company B’s stake) -3 (Minority interest, 60% of 5) or 5 (company A’s stake) + 2(company B’s proportionate stake, 40% of 5), end result is same 7. The latter is propportionate consolidation and former is consolidation.