Proprietary Trading jobs

Has anyone had experience with these? I was interested in Forex a long time ago and went to this place that was like no salary / commission only but they taught you how to trade, etc… How do these work exactly? I know some places require you to put up your own money, but other’s don’t is that correct? This is a listing I saw that intrigued me : Thanks

Craigslist? If you are really that gullible, seeking out ads asking for you to contribute your money for no pay on craigslist, I can assure you prop trading is not for you. How many prop traders do you think are pipelined into the financial industry each year by Craigslist? Jesus man.

You wanted to be a quant and now a prop trader???

Black Swan, are you religious?

Just because something is on craigslist doesn’t make it bogus. What I referred to “a long time ago” was different - this firm doesn’t “appear” to ask for you to provide your own capital etc - but yes I’m OBVIOUSLY skeptical hence why I am even asking. And I DO know that a lot of traders come from diverse backgrounds - so I’m a little open minded - at least enough to just ask the question - chill. YMC : I have an interest in following : Trading, portfolio management, black boxes, programming, etc. – so I’m just exploring. I work as an account administrator/client analyst now so I just want something closer to the pulse of the market and just looking at what’s out there.

So — (sorry googled - probably should have done that before posting :slight_smile: ) : Basically you trade your own money and they take a share of your earnings for providing the platforms, etc. ? Is that right?

Well - I found this info - in case anyone else ever wondered: Pretty much what I thought it was.

Its daytrading!

to the last poster (pete), how much capital do most places give you?.. is it shared profits, their capital and they charge commissions??.. or is it just a desk and a screen and a rental fee?.. i do think many people are going to have to get more ingenius (sp?) to survive in coming years

west bruin - thank you - those are exactly the questions I had - and Pete - thanks for the insight. when I was unemployed I used to trade the Euro and I was making a couple hundred bucks here and there - but knowing what I know now, I think I could make it more consistent, which is the key. Having side income definitely helps, so I kind of wanted to take it up again, but if I could do something with MODERATE stabilty then I would be interested in exploring prop trading. The other thing is a lot of the junior trading jobs I see require “1-2 years trading experience” - and the question for me is how to get a foot in the door.,820735,821922#msg-821922

very interesting…

Try Swift Trade

Bright Trading

Are all these prop trading jobs in a trading floor at a fixed office? Orare there also some “online jobs” which you can also do side in your leisure time from home? And if so, what about the hours, could you maybe do this flexible? Would be pretty nice since you could maintain your normal job for daily income and get a foothold in trading. I would be for example able to trade US-hours from 11am till open end :slight_smile: Is there such a prop trading company, which is that flexible?!