Props to CPK123

I just wanted to say thank you to CP for all your insightfulness on this forum. I often look at your posts because they offer great explanations to difficult topics/questions. I hope to someday be able to explain this material half as well as you.


…I can comfortably compare CP to Peter Olinto or Richie Owen! my advise is that he should be careful on the exam day not to transpose answers wrongly to the answer booklet. Something fundamental must have gone wrong at his exam last year, he is still here not for lack of detailed knowledge of the assigned curriculum, he has no business retaking this level. Kudos to him.


I thought he was already in level 3 but just stopped by to help us. I’m almost sure he’s in level 3

No, He’s definately a level II retaker, and he’s totally going to mess up the MPS!

Even scarier is the fact that he was answering questions in this same thorough manner last year too. That is no knock on him, but rather a reminder of how difficult this exam is.

Dude should really be teaching his own class. CPK, I’m talking to Schweser on your behalf. Negotiating a 6-figure salary for you buddy…, cuz they didn’t fall for a 7-figure salary.

CPK do you need to study at all given that you pretty much know everything and MUCH more? I am sure you are done with all the readings/exams/revision^infinity …!!!

i think also Rus1Bus…he’s had some fantastic replies as well. CPK and Rus tend to stand out on these forums atm…