Protective Headgear

I’ve put in a lot of time and effort into ensuring I’m prepared to pass the exam tomorrow. Nonetheless, I feel it’s prudent to remain cognizant of the many risks we all remain exposed to—some of which, if realized, could result in significant underperformance during the exam.

At this point, I’ve concluded that the biggest threat to exam success is suffering a concussion or some other head trauma that impairs my cognition between now and Saturday morning. To mitigate this risk, I’ve worn headgear throughout the week, 16 hours a day. I’m getting a few odd looks from clients, and the occasional question from colleagues, but I intend to continue wearing my helmet until shortly before the exam.

I’m confident other candidates have taken steps to manage certain risks ahead of the exam, and I’m curious as to what they are. Feel free to share.

And good luck tomorrow!

i’m going to asssume you’re joking and that you’re trying to lighten up AF users before the big day.

that’s a good point. I’m wearing my helmet haha

Headgear? Way to live life on the edge. I’ve had my walls padded and haven’t left my home for the past month.

Thanks Gorilla, I just had one of my happiest moments since registering for level II.

Good luck everyone!


I thought I’d bump this thread since everyone is on edge and we can all use a laugh.

You nearly jinxed someone in Philly. Exam location was a decrepit convention center in the suburbs that was using buckets attached to the ceiling to prevent water from leaking below. One of the buckets (filled with water) fell from the ceiling (which was ~40ft up) onto an empty seat as everyone was entering the hall.

We spent a while trying to figure out what the policy would be of an exam student getting a concussion right before the AM session when its the fault of the center. Probably a free voucher to take it next year, along with a nice settlement from the convention center.