Provided formulas at the exam

When they said the formulas will be provided for you at the exam, in what form or shape are they in … I mean are they listed on some kind of formulas sheet to be given out to each examinee?

I understand the exam is on the computer? And its a hyperlink…I definitely could be wrong

Well, that actually sounds reasonable. But I hate the fact that you have to bring up the “formula sheet” every time you may need it and it will take up precious screen space too. I personally would prefer the old cheat sheet since you can glance at it easily without scrolling the screen up and down.

A button would be available for you to press to bring up the formula sheet. If i remember correctly, the button was available on every question screen. I didnt need to bring up to formula sheet because i over studied the materials and had the formulas flowing through my blood. Beside, if you do enough questions, the forumlas would be nailed into your head by exam time. I did, however, bring up the formula sheets in the exam during my spare time at the end. All it did was confuse me because they looked abit different to the ones provided in my Schweser notes.

Wait so you are allowed to bring your own formula cheat sheet?

No, you can’t bring in a formula sheet. As tfyim said - you press a button on the computer screen and then it shows you a bunch of formulas.

well, you will not need a lot of formulas on the exam so do not worry about it

I’ve also heard that the formulas looked different then schwesers in the exam. Regardless I wouldn’t worry about formulas for this exam, just like CFA-L1. After running through enough practice questions, you should have it down. Either way the quick sheet is pretty useful for those important memorization topics. YeeS_Mos, how quantitative is exam 1.

>… the quick sheet is pretty useful for those important memorization topics What quick sheet are you referring to? Something specific to the Schweser?

Yes schweser provides a quick sheet (roughly 6 pages) of there idea of the most important topics for memorization. Its in brochure format. I had a similar sheet for Level 1 that I used frequently with secret sauce when I was away from my books.