Provider - BenchPrep

Anyone have any thoughts on Bench Prep. The website has very superficial information and the free application does not have much more. Ray Sant is the author of the content. You can get it for about $75, but if the content is no good, its a waste of money. Ray Sant’s web site, FinSageReview (On the CFAI’s list) has apparently not been updated in quit a while.

What kind of study materials are you looking for- study guides, videos, questions, flashcards?? Personally I wouldn’t trust any company that’s not on the CFA Provider list. With so many changes in accounting standards every year due to convergence you really don’t want to be relying on outdated materials.

I am mostly looking for questions.

Cinderella, you raise a good point about the CFAI provider list. Bench Prep is not on the list but FinSage is. The guy from Finsage provides the content for Benchprep.

I had a great conversation with Rajiv Sant (Ray) who is the person who supplies the content for BenchPrep’s platform. Ray has phenomenal credentials for producing CFA materials. He is a university professor, a CFA charterholder (along with many other credentials) and he previously worked for Schweser. Ray has his own company that produces CFA level 1 materials, This company is on the CFAI’s provider list. They will be selling electronic material in the near future. The problem with the Benchprep program is that you can’t see much of the content, which makes me very hesitant to buy the program even if it is cheap. Furthermore, there is no guidance as to when particular content is available. If Benchprep gets their act together, I would consider becoming a customer.