prudent investor rule for IPS

schweser suggests mentioning that the prudent investor rule applies for personal accounts, endowments, etc under the legal and regulatory section of the IPS and suggests you mention this in your answers. I have yet to have seen a CFAI answer that includes this. so do we need to mention the prudent investor rule.

i saw it for Trusts i believe

trusts make complete sense. but schweser says to mention it for all personal accounts, endowments, foundations, and insurance companies. so if they ask for regulatory and legal stuff and there isn’t any and I answer prudent investor rule applies will i get the answer wrong or right? sorry to be ultra anal here guys.

just be prudent

I had this same thought. I would say it is not necessary unless the CFA text says so. I think the purpose of the exam is to test your ability to pull the relevant facts from the case and apply them appropriately to the objectives/constraints; I doubt there is a boiler-plate answer for anything at Level 3. I am not going to put anything unless there is a specific issue mentioned in the case.