Does anyone work at Pru? How is the company doing? What tools do you use to determine the strengths/weaknesses of a potential employer? Is a cgood source?

anyways, PRU is fine. they are publicly traded, so you shouldnt even be asking this question – go to SEC edgar and pull up the latest K. google finance has a shi**** load of stuff too, also go to PRUs site and pull up the latest investor presentation – these are the fastest ways to ramp – also, listen to thier latest conference call on i just pulled it up my screens and the insurance biz is doing well…they had an equity rsch arm that folded hard last summer.

I was more interested in knowing how the morale is, management, whats going on inside their offices, how they pay ther employees, benefits, etc. i think you can get that kind of info on vault.

oh, my bad…hmm: let me see. everyone i knoew who worked there left, yes, vault might have it. but these are good questions for your round 1 screen.