Just got Contacted by them. Any insight from af? MBA level internship.

QuantJock_MBA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Just got Contacted by them. Any insight from > af? MBA level internship. what division? and what happened to Lazard?

Lazard is pending. Don’t have position offhand. Individual was a marketing person who emailed me. Marketing Communications dept I think.

it’s mostly insurance, risk-management type and actuarial positions aplenty if you are referring to Prudential Financial.

Prudential Capital Groupis the entity

PRU and other annuity companies sell a lot of guaranteed products – GMIB/GMAB/GMWB – with varying features. The pricing as well as risk management associated with these products can be kinda cool – quite a bit of hedging and forecasting involved.

you moving to Newark cause that’s where theyre headquartered?

Email said they were interested and what my location pref was. I’m open to move. No other info.

could be Des Moines Iowa. Big opperation there.

mpnoonan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > could be Des Moines Iowa. Big opperation there. Yeah, Prudential, Principal, Allied, Aviva, Holmes Murphy and a few other insurance companies are either based out of Des Moines or have a big presence there. I will be moving there in about a year so I will probably be working at one of these companies. Do insurance companies have trading desks? I am trying to figure out an interesting role in an insurance company because Des Moines does not offer much else in the way of finance jobs. I have looked for corp finance positions in companies there but have found nothing…

Insurance companies should have trading desks - I interviewed with Liberty Mutual once and they had a 20bil investment grade bond portfolio as well as money with private equity. They have to invest the money from all the premiums they have coming in. I heard they are also a big net seller of CDS on the bonds they hold for alittle income.

The NYC office just contacted me explaining they are in the process of recruiting. I explained I’m excited and interested in working for prudential. Wish me luck.

GOOD LUCK! We should have an AF meet up in NYC lol.