Psychological profiling

I have an issue with psychological profiling:

The curriculum gives us this 4 different categories of investors:

Methodical, Cautious, Individualist and Spontaneous.

It makes sense but it looks very much like the BB&K 5-way model, which makes it very hard for me to remember without getting confused and risking to forget what I have now retained on the 5-way model.

Do you believe that we have to remember all of this by heart??


up until now all past AM exams have referred only to Methodical/Cautious/Individualist/Spontaneous.

However this material on the BB&K 5-way model got introduced in the curriculum since 2013 or so - so it is relatively new, and you never know when it might make its appearance.

also you need to realize that one is kind of transposable into the other form. So know the big picture points - and similarities / differences between the two.

Yes, it is a lot of material, and you never know how the question might be framed.

thanks for your answer!!