Public Impeachment Hearings


Bring popcorn.

Nothing will happen, Trump will come out ahead and declare victory. Calling it now.

Interesting fact: Ambassador Taylor’s nephew is Zach Cregger, from The Whitest Kids U Know.


mudslinging. they wont get 2/3rd majority in the senate

It’s truly amazing that Republicans will simply dismiss the testimony of people who have literally dedicated their lives to public service, and find it more likely that a NY trust fund kid reality TV star, with a documented history of being a conman, is telling the truth.

Yeah, I couldn’t last watching for more than 5 minutes before I shut it off.

“Whatever you call it… quid pro quo, extortion, abuse of power”- Congressman Craig Goldman - Maine

LMAO, this guy is great.

True, it is very unlikely they get 2/3 in the Senate. However, this is a political proceeding influencing the court of public opinion, meaning two things:

  1. If Trump supporters shift their views (unlikely), their Senators will likely follow suit.

  2. This proceeding will influence the 2020 election, under 1 year away.

russian conspiracy is kinda boring though. i think they have better luck with the metoo stuff even though that failed as well.

Like I’ve said in the past, this will be a HUGE loss for the democrats if they don’t oust Trump. All the liberals are super excited about this. If he’s not ousted, they’re going to be PISSED and I don’t think there is anything the fake news can say to cover it up, like they did Epstein, who did not kill himself.

He’ll be impeached by the house of rep. That isn’t hard as all you need is a simple majority. In the senate, the dems won’t even get that and you need a 2/3rds majority. But I don’t see a failure as a huge loss for dems though. It’s their best chance imo to convince voters in 2020. Let the dems do their nonsensical ineffective over exaggerated tirades about unimportant things that add 0 value. China is a bigger enemy than the Russians.

Trump is my homie. Ain’t nothing gonna happen to him guys.

Did anything noteworthy happen the last two days? I haven’t cared to watch.

Exactly what you’d expect from everything.

Only thing I’ve learned is the Taylor guy seems like a solid dude. 5th in his west point class and went into the infantry during the war, when we could have avoided the action.

What I don’t understand is why the Dems aren’t going straight for Trump, asking him to release the tapes and calling him guilty for not showing up. Going on the offensive.

Someone wake me when Trump demands trial by combat.

So, Jim Jordan, the guy from Ohio who has been doing a lot of the talking is also this guy:

“Former OSU wrestler Mike DiSabato told the Dayton Daily News in July 2018 that Jordan’s denials that he knew about Strauss’s inappropriate sexual behavior were “frankly unbelievable” and “beyond comprehension”. DiSabato described a daily environment at OSU where “the showers would fill up with deviant, lewd male predators who wanted to come in and shower with elite male wrestlers” and who sometimes masturbated publicly. He added that Strauss routinely gave athletes medically unnecessary, extensive groin examinations and took as many as half a dozen showers a day with athletes. DiSabato said “Jordan’s locker was located right next to Doc Strauss and Jimmy said that if he (Strauss) ever tried anything with him (Jordan) he’d kill him’. It was an open, running joke that Doc Strauss was a serial groper.” [72]

“There were 38 payments of $83,300 every month paid to Hunter Biden. That totaled $3.165 million. All of this was paid to Hunter Biden from Burisma while his dad was vice president. Democrats don’t want anybody talking about that, don’t want anybody referencing that. Millions of dollars in payment to Hunter Biden. This is what Trump wanted, in part, investigated.” - Rush Limbaugh

Lmao, dude can’t even hold a job at Fox News.

How is that relevant to the question of _ whether or not it was legal _ for Trump to link aid to Ukraine to Ukraine’s investigation of Biden?