Publicly Traded Wealth Management

Are there many wealth management companies (those that primarily serve HNW individuals) that are publicly traded? I am only aware of one but am interested in learning of others. Thanks in advance for your help.

What is the one you are aware of?

you mean besides merrill/ubs/citi?

There’s another company, is it Bank of America?

If you mean pure plays (private banks), then you’re best bet might be the Swiss ones… Vontobel and Julius Baer. In Europe, anyway. I haven’t looked in depth at their business, but in the UK, St James Place is - I think - basically a pure play private bank. I’m not sure if any of those have anything going in the US.

Actually, I was referring to wealth management only firms… not firms with wealth management divisions.

The one I saw was BPFH. Thanks, Etienne…these private banking companies are what I had in mind. Anyone else know of others?

DW-Dundee Wealth perhaps

FrankArabia Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > DW-Dundee Wealth perhaps Dosn’t Dundee also do Investment Banking? Atleast they don’t have any retail operations so in that sense they are a pureplay.

Are you thinking Northern Trust?