Pulling last minute all nighter

Who is with me on this? Laying on bed re-reading AI and Ethics ugh I am so gonna sleep as soon as this is over. I will need a Venti Latte with a shot of RedBull to get through this one!

That’s an ill-conceived plan, friend. Whatever knowledge you gain will be offset by sleep-deprived performance. Personally, I will be sitting in a chair in 9h37 minutes taking L1 and I can’t believe I’m still up. Actually, I’m about to fix that. Good luck and good night.

i hope you get lucky pacliboi… thats all i can say… and, if in doubt, choose C =)

I am with ya. I just got 2 large cans of red bull in bag. Nothing to be afraid of. I need to be up in 7 hours and 50 mins. Still going through the formulas now. ooh dear, sigh! All about the mind power tmr.

Can’t sleep, although that’s more to the fact that I’m a night owl. This is pissing me off. Good luck to all of you.

me too. It’s 3AM. shit. I’ve been trying to fall asleep since 10pm, didn’t study at all this afternoon. what gives

Depends. This always happens to me. When I had my job interview, I was in the habit of waking up in the afternoon. Same thing now, I took two weeks off from work to study and fell back into the habit of being a night owl. I even went out and bought guitar hero so i could play today given I was done studying. Although for that interview I did get the job, i think passing this bloody exam will be a lot more difficult given I didn’t score well on the practice exams.

i am awake with you guys…i hate schwesser tests!!! argh!! ethics is killing me!

lola… me too. I only slept 1 1/2 hrs last night… I think u’re prob’ly on ur way now, good luck… but u’ll be fine…

Did the all-nighter pay off?