Pulp & Paper Industry

Does anyone cover this sector or know of any decent sell side analysts that do other then Chip Dillion at Credit Suisse? I am primarily interested in finding mill capacity and import/export data particularly for recovered paper grades and the data sources I use don’t really have the level of detail I need particularly for the mill capacity and utilization data. Does anybody have any insights on where I can look for that information.

RISI is probably your best bet, but they charge for the information.

RoadCat Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > RISI is probably your best bet, but they charge > for the information. I have an account for RISI and use a lot of their products in my day to day work, I am looking to broaden my data sources. Specifically, I am looking for a breakdown of the global capacity of mills by feedstock grade and region. RISI has something similar to what I am looking for but I am more interested in how they source that data. My focus is on recovered paper grades and the utilization rate of recovered paper as a feedstock in mills in the asia-pacific region. I am trying to understand the dynamics that drive the pricing of these commodities, particularly on the demand side of the equation. Secondary to that objective is my desire to get a basic understanding of the drivers of packaging and paper market, do you know of any resources? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you