Pump & Dump

A company I follow frequently gets SeekingAlpha ‘articles’ posted in its news feed. I’ve started to notice an author who’s disclosures are constantly changing. For example he will post a negative summary of the latest news with the disclosure that he has no positions and does not intend to for the next 72 hours. The next day I’ll see a different article posted with a disclosure that the author is long the stock, or that he now owns a straddle postion, etc.

I’m not worried about this guy moving markets, but I’m just curious if people like this are actually busted and if so, are they getting caught by people reporting them? I can’t imagine the SEC is browsing SA to verify the bloggers are following the rules.

No, nothing ever happens to the fraud enablers that post on SeekingAlpha.

i only read bro on sa, everyhting else is noise

Does bro post on SA?

Yes, I stole one idea from bro.

I don’t post on SA, VIC or SZ.

Good. I pay money for AF so the content had better be exclusive.