"Punjab Candidate Cries After Getting Only 5 Votes, Says There Are 9 Members In His Own Family"


“While the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are probably celebrating their victory and the chance of running the country for another 5 years, there’s one guy who is crying his heart out for losing in the Lok Sabha 2019 elections.”

“Neetu Shuttern Wala, who hails from Jalandhar, stood independently in the recently held polls and claims to have gotten only 5 votes. When he was being interviewed, he broke down before the camera and started crying. Well, he is crying not because of the alleged 5 votes. He is crying because he got 5 votes despite having 9 people in his own family.”

Clearly, voter suppression stole the other 568,216,852 votes


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To be fair India really does suck. Back then everyone though brics would be the most powerful countries. Of the 4 only China succeeded. India still sucks balls. Russia and Brazil are too sensitive oil. But China is really just going back to dominating. In the past 20 centuries, China has been number 1 in at least 18 of them!

India = population bomb

He won the popular vote in his family, why’s he crying?

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