Punting certain topics

Is anyone punting certain topics that just don’t stick in their brains and hoping they aren’t tested? For me, I just can’t remember the three micro-performance attribution calculations or grinold-kroner. I think it’s better to strengthen other areas than to spend the time trying to learn those.

I’m considering punting Net Payment Cost Index and Surrender Cost Index. I’m hoping the calculations for these aren’t covered.

There’s just too many topics to cover.

  • Multifactor covariance matrix, variance matrix

  • RV formulas in reading 10 estate planning

I’m also considering punting the estate planning formulas, but the past two mocks I’ve looked at have included haha…

Currency in AA I think is a pain. I’m okay on it, but definitely my weakest subject ESPECIALLY when it comes to the blue box and options.

What mocks are there??

AbeLincoln27 what mocks cover them, could you tell us?

Nobody thinks Behavioral Finance is hard?..

These are fine. I can remember solid formulas, regardless how complex they are. Macro attribution though. I have no idea what’s going on there.

I’m with you here. Seems so unlikely to be directly tested. It’s not hard though so I may take the time to memorize the steps if I can fit it in.

It’s new so may come up and if it does, you’ll be able to answer it when 80% wouldnt. I recall the same in Level 1 when a new topic came up. I didn’t cover it in past mocks but luckily read over the chapter the day before. Really made me feel confident as I walked out knowing that one piece of information!

The exam writers are just reading this thread and laughing to themselves as they add each topic posted to the test.

Micro Performance Attribution could be up to 9 marks in the AM. It’s very easy once you know it. I’d love if it came up.

Grinold Kroner is difficult but could be up to 6 too!

Just learnt Macro but theres not much practice questions on it. Hoping that may not come up.

What part?

NRA goes Bowling Mid August

Net Contributions - What gets added/removed

Risk free rate

Asset selection - Which is their SAA…what they would do if passive investing.

Benchmark - Active manager Benchmark (think of misfit risk calc)

Manager return - What the manager did (Active management)

Allocation effect - If the Fund sponsor did everything as they said they would, this would be 0. But they don’t so this is the plug to make everything else add up.

I suppose Exams are already prepared, distributed and ready worldwide.

Certainly. Itj is just having some fun with us.

Living is easy for him…

When its summatime!

Yes just messing around.

Good luck dudes, the end is so near!

By the way, my wife and kids are at the beach right now with friends. Guess where I am? (hint: not at the beach). :sob: